Success Stories

Our alumni currently work at great companies and have successfully navigated career transitions. Below you'll find testimonials on the impact learning at Awari had in their careers.

"Looking to make a career transition after graduating in economics, I decided to enroll in Awari, and I couldn't have made a better choice. The course materials and 1-on-1 mentorship really helped me build a portfolio and land my first job in the industry."

Luciano I.

Luciano I.

"The program kicked off my career transition, and the mentorship was super helpful. I had extremely valuable exchanges with experts who really understood the topic at hand, and had a lot of experience to share."

Camila B.

Camila B.

"I really enjoyed the experience. The mentors were very experienced and had a lot to share. The program itself helped me deepen my knowledge, and I was able to better prepare myself for the challenges of a career transition."

Patrícia P.

Patricia P.

"The program was a big surprise for me. I was able to really get into the subject matter and learn what are the industry expectations for someone who is getting started. I'd say the capstone project and the mentoring sessions were the highlights. Getting my questions answered and feedback on my deliverables were essential for identifying areas of improvement."

Tássia P.

Tassia P.