Terms of Use

It was last updated on May 13, 2020

1. Text availability date

This document was written and made available on May 13, 2020.

2. Explanation of the technical terms or in a foreign language

Below are the meanings of the technical nomenclatures and terms in the English language.

Login: It is the process that allows access to a computer system, controlled through the identification and authentication of the User by the credentials provided by that same Internet user.

Online: It is usually used to designate that a particular User on the Internet or another computer network is connected to the network.

Virus: Malicious software that infects systems and computers, in order to cause some damage, makes copies of itself and tries to spread itself to other computers, using various means.

Student User: Individuals who access the platform in search of courses and mentoring on the subject of their interest.

Mentor User: Individual or legal entity that participates in a selection process carried out by the platform in order to offer mentoring to Student Users.

3. Services

3.1.  What we are: AWARI consists in, but is not limited to, an educational services platform. Through the platform, the Student has access to the content of the contracted courses, with video classes and complementary materials. In addition, the Student User will also be able to schedule mentoring sessrions, view  the progress in the course and submit assignments. The Mentor User will have access to the course content and will be able to view the progress of their students.

3.2. When using AWARI, the User should understand and accept that all his / her actions and choices are free and have no AWARI influence or interference.

3.3. We make clear that this service does not establish any employment, corporate or associative bond between the parties, with each party remaining solely responsible for all their respective expenses and charges, whether of a labor, social security, tax, insurance, civil, criminal or other nature. any other nature or species.

4. User registration

4.1. To register and use AWARI services, Student Users and Mentors will be required to provide the following data: Full Name, e-mail, ID number, birth date, full address and telephone number.

4.2. Each User will determine his login and password, and it is his sole responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of this information. AWARI is not responsible for actions and damages that may be caused by irregular account access by third parties.

4.3. Only one account per User is allowed.

4.4. Registration on the platform is only allowed to people over 13 years old and AWARI will make reasonable efforts to confirm this data, and it is not responsible if the registered person does not have the age informed in the form though. 

4.5.  Users are responsible for providing true, accurate and up-to-date information.

4.6. AWARI may refuse, suspend or cancel a User’s access account without prior notification whenever it suspects that the information provided is false, incomplete, outdated, inaccurate or in the cases indicated in the applicable laws and regulations, in these Terms of Use or any other Policy.

5. Payment for the use of the platform

5.1. The Student User must pay fees to use the platform services. These amounts will vary and will always be widely advertised in the ads before the possibility of subscribing to the service.

5.1.1. We respect all your rights, including the right to repent and cancel the service with a refund of the total amount paid, within up to 07 (seven) days, counting from the date of purchase.

5.1.2. After the period of 07 (seven) days, no refund will be made.

5.1.3. Payments made by Student Users will be processed through the platform Stripe, this last one is used in case of student loans. These platforms are independent and have no relation to these Terms. We recommend the reading of the terms of use and privacy policies of these tools before using them.

6. Parties’s responsibilities

6.1. AWARI’s Responsibilities:

6.1.1. To provide the services as described in these terms of use;

6.1.2. To take responsibility for the operation of the platform and for any corrections that may be necessary;

6.1.3. To inform any change of services to Users, through simple communications on the platform;

6.2. User’s Responsibilities:

6.2.1. To use the platform according to the usage criteria defined by AWARI without changing its programming, breaking passwords or performing procedures that may cause harm to AWARI and other Users;

6.2.2. To take responsibility for all the effects, including legal ones, for the content of the information you enter and for the commitments you assume on the platform;

6.2.3. To fully respect these Terms of Use, Privacy Policies, current legislation and contracts between the parties.

7. Awari’s disclaimer of liability

7.1. AWARI does not take responsibility for:

7.1.1. Eventual unavailability of the platform, which has not given cause.

7.1.2. Users’ conducts and for non-compliance with their obligations.

7.1.3. Insertion of false information made by Users;

7.1.4. Damages that the User may experience due to the exclusive actions of third parties, as well as failures in the network connection and malicious interactions such as viruses.

7.1.5. Damages that the User may have as a result of the misuse of the platform in non-compliance with these Terms, the Privacy Policy, the law or court orders.

7.1.6. Fortuitous or force majeure cases.

8. Conduct rules and prohibitions

8.1. The Users mustn’t:

8.1.1. Harm the rights of AWARI, platform operators, other Users, third parties or act in any way or manner that may contribute to such violation;

8.1.2. Perform acts that limit or prevent the use of the platform or illicitly access AWARI;

8.1.3. Use the tool to take illegal actions and spread messages unrelated to the platform or its purposes, including messages with inappropriate content;

8.1.4. Insert data that is false, outdated or incomplete;

8.1.5. Hold AWARI responsible for the conduct of Users who are registered on the platform.

8.2. At the sign of any breach of conduct, the User may be blocked or excluded from the Platform, without prior notice.

9. Intellectual property

9.1. The ownership and rights relating to the platform belong exclusively to AWARI. The access to the platform and its regular use by the User do not confer any right or prerogative on intellectual property or other content inserted in it.

9.2. The entire content of the platform, including name, brand, domain, programs, databases, files, texts, drawings, photos, layouts, headings and other elements, was created, developed or assigned to AWARI, therefore being the exclusive property of AWARI or licensed by it and is protected by Brazilian laws and international treaties dealing with intellectual property rights.

9.3. The following conducts are prohibited: exploitation, assignment, imitation, copy, plagiarism, application of reverse engineering, attempted invasion (hacking), storage, alteration, modification of characteristics, expansion, sale, lease, donation, alienation, transfer, reproduction, integral or partial, of any content on the AWARI platform.

9.4. The person who violates the prohibitions contained in the legislation on intellectual property and these Terms will be held responsible, civilly and criminally, for the infractions committed, in addition to being penalized on the platform.

10. Treatment of personal data, privacy and security

AWARI has a specific policy to regulate the collection, storage and treatment of personal data, as well as its security: the Privacy Policy. This specific policy inseparably integrates these Terms, emphasizing that the data on the use of the platform will be filed under the terms of the legislation in force.

11. Splits of access to the platform

11.1. Despite AWARI‘s best efforts to provide the best technologies for maintaining online connection and synchronization and secure access to Users, due to technical difficulties, internet applications or transmission problems, inaccurate or incomplete copies of the information contained in the platform may occur. In addition, computer viruses or other harmful programs may also be inadvertently downloaded from the platform.

11.1.1. AWARI recommends installing appropriate antivirus or protectors.

11.2. AWARI reserves the right to unilaterally modify the platform, as well as the configuration, presentation, design, content, features, tools or any other element, including its cancellation.

12. Changes to the terms and conditions of use

12.1. AWARI may unilaterally add and / or modify any clause contained in these Terms of Use. The updated version will be valid for the use of the platform made after its publication. Continued access to or use of the platform, after disclosure, will confirm the validity of the new Terms of Use by Users.

12.2. If the change made requires the User’s consent, the option will be presented to accept the new text freely, unambiguously and informed or to refuse it.

12.3. If the User does not agree with the change, the User should not provide consent to specific acts or you may terminate your relationship with AWARI entirely. Such termination will not, however, exempt the User from complying with all obligations assumed under the preceding versions of the Terms of Use.

13. Definition of the applicable law and the jurisdiction

13.1. The Platform is controlled, operated and administered in the city of Jundiaí, State of São Paulo, Brazil, and can be accessed by any device connected to the Internet, regardless of its geographical location.

13.1.1. AWARI does not guarantee that the platform is appropriate or available for use in other locations. People who access or use the AWARI platform from other jurisdictions do so on their own and are responsible for compliance with regional / national laws.

13.2. The User agrees that the applicable legislation for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policies will be the one in force in the Federative Republic of Brazil.

13.3. AWARI and the User agree that the Jundiaí Jurisdiction, State of São Paulo, Brazil, will be the only one competent to settle any question or controversy arising from or resulting from the use of the platform, expressly renouncing any other, however privileged it may be, or come to be.

13.4. These Terms of Use were originally written in Brazilian Portuguese and all Parties declare that they understand the language and agree with the content of this instrument. Any translation of this contract into other languages will be for convenience only. In case of conflict between the versions, the original version written in Portuguese will prevail.

14. Contact channel

AWARI provides the following channels to receive all communications that Users wish to make: e-mail